They say that you are the sum of the top five people you spend your time with and the top five books you read.

The most productive and successful people have a curated list of those they look up to for mentorship and growth. A commitment to continual improvement is vital to the fulfillment and expansion of set goals and priorities. A part of that commitment is a list of books that prepare them to reach their personal goals.

Google people at the top of their industry and you can probably find book recommendations they have taken the time to share with those they influence.

With the constant stream of information and a society with a tendency toward distraction, surrounding yourself with people who are walking your path and reading books on topics that are relevant to you and your life

A reading habit as essential for your mind and success as exercise and healthy eating are for your body.

So get on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or, better yet, head out to your local indie bookstore and pick up one of these titles.

The Best Books to Read Right Now

To get you started on your reading journey here is a list of 5 good books that will transform the way you think about your finances, body, spirituality, and even your chronobiology.

The mix of classics and modern bestsellers will help you understand the mindset and proven principles of today’s innovators, while giving you advice on how to put success habits into practice in a modern world.

1. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The Power of Now

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Eckart Tolle is a modern spiritualist without commitment to any specific faith or practice. Sponsored by Oprah, his book The Power of Now uses a unique question and answer format to lead you through the most complex questions we ask ourselves everyday and leaves us with the assurance that power and peace is found in direct proportion to your ability to live in the present.

This book will leave you prepared to go out into the world with joy and peace, ready to tackle whatever comes your way with a sense of purpose and surety.

2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

In this business classic, Napoleon Hill teaches the secret of obtaining everything you want in life, whether its wealth, a career, or a family.

With anecdotes from the powerful contemporaries of his time, such as Rockefeller and Carnegie and even an inspirational story of his own son.

In his book, Hill teaches you to make a concrete plan of what you want to obtain and to envision everything you want as if you have already obtained it. By reminding yourself daily of this plan by reading it out loud, Mr. Hill assures us that the universe will bring to us success on our terms.

3. When by Daniel Pink


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This groundbreaking book addresses a question that is usually overlooked.

It addresses the when of our lives.

Though most books deal with the why and how of success, Daniel Pink tackles the consequences and untapped potential of asking when things occur. He starts by addressing our internal when, or the study of our natural internal clocks, a science called chronobiology.

After determining when we best function during the day, what time we are at our best, he moves through when we should initiate and end our personal endeavors, whether it’s losing weight or changing careers.

An eye-opening book, this will leave you finally asking and answering the question of When.

4. Deep Work by Cal Newport

Once the authority on how to get the most out of your high school and college education, this Georgetown University professor and graduate of both Dartmouth and MIT has now grown in popularity for his theory of working deep.

In Deep Work, Newport presents research to support this theory and offers practical advice on how to apply the principles that will help you produce your best work, whether you are a scientist or a media expert.

Apply his wisdom to begin producing work that will make you known in your industry and give you a sense of fulfillment and contentment.

5. The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington

The Sleep Revolution

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As one of the most successful women in the world, Arianna Huffington has become a shining beacon and an example to both men and women alike.

Not to mention her website, Huffington Post, is a media site to be reckoned with.

Unlike in her books Lean-In or Option B, Huffington uses The Sleep Revolution to present the research that supports her warning call to get to sleep and to sleep well and deep.

And in a designer bed.

Heed the call to sleep and you’ll be prepared to build your empire.

Or at the very least get the best sleep you’ve gotten in your entire life.

How a Reading Habit Can Change Your Life

To read is to grow and to grow is to change and to change is to impact the world.

You owe it to yourself to get some mentors and there’s nothing like curling up with one of these book recommendations and waking up with visions of a better future and a powerful present.

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