Hayley Williams of the band Paramore has built an entire brand that started what became her signature: her fiery, red hair. Every teenager rushed to get their own blazing red hair dye and adopted the strong personality to go with it.

The 90s brought about a similar example of the power of hair color when Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel of Friends, fame got a bob and a dye job that became the envy of every woman in the nation. Hair stylists were flooded with clients bringing in pictures of Rachel with the request that they get the same hair.

In modern times its common to see men and women from all areas of life getting their hair dyed with colors ranging from the kaleidoscope that is mermaid hair to a deep and sexy purple. Hair dye colors of all shades can be spotted anywhere you turn, even if it’s to scroll through your Instagram feed.There is no denying the confidence you get from finding you perfect hair color and in today’s world you can rock your signature shade even in the board room.

Let’s explore how you can find the perfect color for your mane and the options you have for maintaining both the health and color of your locks.

Finding Your Signature Hair Color

Social media supplies and endless supply of sources to find hair ideas and inspiration. The first step is to visualize what image you want to present to the world.

What brand do you want to build?

Are you a rocking rebel or a soft-spoken champion?

Any shade can fit any personality depending on how you present it, but you want to look closely on what shades bring you joy.

Jump on sites like Pinterest or explore the pages of people you admire on Instagram.

Fashion and hair magazines are also a treasure trove of inspiration.

Pay attention to how you react to the different shades and styles that you see.

Are you drawn to that shiny chestnut or is that ombre more your groove?

You might also want to look at people with your hair type and texture, so you can get a better idea on how the final result will look.

Once you’ve decided on your color, it’s time to look at your options on how to get your new your hue.

Hair Color and Hair Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen your new hair color, you will want to take in to account a few factors.

  1. What is your original hair color?
  2. How much time and money do you want to spend on maintenance?
  3. How does your hair type respond to dyes? Do you need to add a moisturizing process to your weekly routine?
  4. Do you prefer natural dyes, professional grade, or Loreal hair dyes from the local Walgreens?

If you already have light hair, such as blond or light brown, your hair might not need to be bleached to obtain the hue you want.

If your hair is closer to black or dark brown and you are choosing a color lighter then your own or a color like cotton candy pink or blue, you might need to bleach your hair to get the desired effect.

The texture and type of hair you have can determine the level of the drying effect that dyes often have. If your hair is dark and curly, you might want to go to a professional hair stylist and have a consultation about what you could do to nourish your locks after the dying session.

If you prefer natural dyes, discuss this with your stylist and consider going to a salon that specializes in curly hair.

If you like to change your hair color often take this into account and work a weekly hair treatment or mask into your hair routine. They are easy to make at home from ingredients you have in your fridge.

Take in to account your budget and choose your plan of attack accordingly. There are many inexpensive and fun ways to keep your hair looking fabulous.

If you’re more into the semi-permanent hair dye, then try brands like Good Dye Young by the aforementioned Hayley Williams.

These hair dyes are fun and temporary so you can change your mane to your hearts contain and experiment with different colors until you find one you like. Brands like Loreal hair color offer more subdued options that you can try.

Your Hair Color is All About YOU

When it’s all said and done your hair is THE best accessory you have.

It can say wordlessly what you want it to say about who you are and what you want.

Invest in caring for it and giving it the look that represents YOU.


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