The three settings of today’s world are fast, faster, and stagnant.

The New York City pace has become the default in life and business and keeping up with it has become a necessity to succeed.

With all the distractions surrounding us it can become nearly impossible to concentrate on carving out a space for self-care.

Books like Adriana Huffington’s Sleep Revolution chronicle the effects of a life that’s always on and how the lack of self-care can cause a major meltdown when the body burns out and shuts down.

Though it might seem counterintuitive, the fact is that the faster paced your life is, the more intentional you must be about making sure your body and mind get the attention and fuel that they need.

This means a healthy diet, exercise, and, yes, a good night’s sleep (or in the case of us night owls, a good morning’s sleep).

One solution to getting balanced and healthy meals is to hire a home delivery service, such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron to deliver fresh ingredients that you can cook at home with a list of instructions that guide you through the entire process.

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The Benefits of a Home Meal Delivery Service

The benefits of incorporating a home meal delivery service into your routine include more time with family and friends, stress-free meal planning, and a feeling great. But it doesn’t end there. Below are the top benefits of hiring a home delivery service.

1. Better Work-Life Balance

A busy schedule can make it difficult to share time with our loved ones or to have the energy to be present with our friends and family.

Coming home from a stressful day can make it hard to disconnect from work and be present in our lives.

A home delivery service provides an incentive to gather your family or friends and share time together preparing a healthy home cooked meal without having to go out your way to track down ingredients or make complicated meal plans.

The cooking process can help the mind disconnect as the aromas fill the kitchen and you see a meal coming together that you can share. By the time everyone gathers at the dinner table, you are relaxed and ready to engage in a fulfilling conversation and enjoy the presence of your loved ones.

2. Healthier Meals to Fuel a Productive Lifestyle

Just like you can’t fuel an expensive car with regular gas, you can’t fuel a premium life with anything but premium food if you want to keep going with maximum efficiency and focus.

Junk foods, canned foods, and other heavily processed foods can leave you with lagging energy levels and a lowered immune system. This translates into more sick days, more medical expenses, and a dependence on unhealthy methods of maintaining mediocre energy levels throughout your day.

It’s not rare to see busy professionals on their third cup of coffee by mid-day, eating a frozen meal or fast-food at their desk, while staring bleary-eyed at their screens trying to power through the rest of their day.

Services like Home Chef provide quality ingredients that you can trust, well-balanced meals, and often use earth-friendly packaging and green best practices.

They send fresh vegetables, garnishes, meats, and even kitchenware all put in a neat package with easy instructions to follow.

Hello, fresh, delicious food!

3. Convenient and Versatile

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Home delivery services cut out the need for time-consuming meal planning and have a straight-forward convenient way of payment, so you know exactly what you are getting for a fixed price that you can include in your monthly budget.

Another benefit is you are getting already vetted ingredients, so you don’t have to go food shopping every time you need to put together a good meal.

All this time adds up to additional time you can share with your family and friends or to get in that workout you’ve been pushing back.

And, who knows, making you can start getting a full, restful night’s sleep!

A Home Delivery Service for Any Lifestyle and Budget

There are home delivery services for every lifestyle, budget, and diet choice or restrictions. Services like Paleo Crave offer meals that are already cooked, for added convenience and give you the option of portion sizes that fit your appetite and fitness goals.

From vegan and vegetarian to gluten-free and anti-inflammatory there is a service for every person or family.

With all the home delivery meal options available there is no reason you can’t begin to make a healthy meal a part of your daily priorities and start living a life with a focus on intentional self-care.

Life is too short to not live it intentionally.

It’s as easy as looking at some of the home delivery services online and choosing the service and plan that works for you.


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