When you are pregnant and about to have a baby, the last thing you want to think about is what sort of diapers you will be using for your newborn babe. In fact, having to deal with diapers at all is probably one of the last things you want to think about.

Diapers are not one of the perks of motherhood or fatherhood. They are a necessary evil. We need those diapers to keep kids from soiling themselves and anything they are sitting on.

That is, until some odd trend comes along where some parents will allow their babies to “free pee” or “free poo” and the babies will be allowed to roam sans diapers or anything covering their tiny tushes, perhaps at least confined to a very well-padded playpen.

Let us hope that this does not become the next “back to nature trend.”

Given the alternative (free peeing and pooing), you definitely want to use a diaper.

The Big Problem with Diapers

The big, huge, massive, glacial problem with most diapers is that they are for one-time use only.

The baby wears the diaper, does his or her little business, you unwrap the stinky soiled garment, and it gets tossed into a garbage bin. These days, that diaper bin might even come with a self-contained ventilation system and air freshener.

Still, you are left with a smelly glob of old diapers, made primarily of petroleum products and plastic, that will just get chucked in a landfill. And there that mess of diapers will sit, perhaps for a thousand years or more, or until technology finds a way to harvest the old poo and trash and turn it into fuel. (We certainly hope it won’t be used for food!)

The problem with diapers

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Eco-conscious moms and dads, knowing the ultimate fate of those shiny, white plastic diapers, will often opt for the old-fashioned diaper: a reusable cloth diaper.

Reusable cloth diapers solve the landfill problem, but they, too, need to be collected and washed. This is doable if you have a lot of free time or a nanny to help around the house. But even for those who can handle the maintenance factor of reusable diapers, they are not always convenient.

Your child will eventually need to leave the house with you, and you will probably want a disposable option for when it is simply not feasible to keep a dirty diaper on you to clean up later.

The problem is, you don’t just want to go get a big massive box of Costco Diapers made out of plastic. Is there any alternative?

Want Better Diapers? Jessica Alba to the Rescue!

Jessica Alba – yes, that Jessica Alba, the actress – has founded a company called The Honest Company to help provide safer, more eco-friendly products for families. She knows pregnancy – she recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram with her post-pregnancy haircut – and her company offers a better alternative to disposable diapers.

Honest Diapers are made with plant-derived materials instead of petroleum. They are also free of synthetic fragrances and other ingredients that might irritate your baby.

Unlike regular disposable diapers, Honest Diapers aren’t bleached with chlorine. The “fluff pulp” that is used to create the absorbent diaper core is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Satakunta, Finland.

Honest Diapers come in a variety of diaper sizes, from newborn diapers to diapers to size 6 diapers.

These diapers also come in a variety of cute prints, such as colorful giraffes, strawberries, falling snowflakes, and a space themed diaper with rocket ships and an astronaut. The prints change every season, so you will have plenty of options to diaper your baby in style.

Managing odor is a challenging problem with any diaper, and you don’t want to use a harsh chemical fragrance that could cause problems for your baby’s skin. The Honest Company’s diapers use naturally derived odor blockers, a mixture of citrus extract and liquid chlorophyll, deep in the diaper core.

Honest Diapers are reasonably priced at a base price of $13.95. The amount of diapers you get in a pack depends on the size of the diaper. For smaller diapers, you get more diapers per pack. Larger diapers are less per pack. The newborn diapers come in packs of 40, and the largest size (6) comes in packs of 22.

Eco-Friendly Disposable Diapers Are Available

While using reusable diapers is probably the best solution for the environment, if you need disposables, ecological options are available. One great option comes from Jessica Alba’s company: Honest Diapers. Who knows, maybe Costco will carry them soon.

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