Coffee, or high-octane brain juice as some of us call it, helps fuel our mornings, our late nights, and those long, boring meetings at the workplace. But each morning as we start the day, we’ve got to get our coffee from somewhere.

Some of us stop by Verve Coffee Roasters and grab a cup of Joe, while others of us want to make our own. Getting the best coffee maker and D-I-Ying that part of our morning routine is probably the most economical choice, but if you’re new to this coffee making business, you might need a few pointers.

Conveniently, we’ve put together a few of those coffee making tips for you here.

Finding the Best Coffee Makers

The first part of making the most amazing cuppa at home, is finding the right coffee maker. Before you can do that, though, you should know the types of coffee makers that exist. That will help you decide which one(s) will do what you need, in the time you want.

Manual Coffee Makers

Manual coffee makers include things like the French press, pour over, or drip coffee makers that don’t plug into the wall. Anything you have to engage in actively without the power of electricity is considered a manual machine.

Automatic Coffee Makers

One of the fastest and easiest ways to make coffee is by using the automatic coffee maker. These include machines like the amazing Keurig, that uses K-cups to instantly make hot coffee, tea, or cocoa. These machines take less than a minute to make your hot beverage.

Most automatic coffee makers also allow you to set a timer and program times for your coffee to automatically start brewing. Having a fresh pot of coffee awaken you in the morning is a pretty amazing thing.

Espresso Machines

Espresso is only one of the many types of coffee you can make. This particular coffee type is popular because of the strong flavor and fine culture of using demitasse cups. Espresso is used for making coffee drinks like lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos. If you drink a lot of these milky drinks, you may want to consider getting an espresso machine in combination with, or instead of, a standard coffee maker.

Cold Brew Coffee Makers

For those interested in a cold brew, you’re going to need to devote some time to get it. The cold brew coffee machines only work after you’ve already had your coffee steeping in cold water for a while, usually over night, or if you’ve got a whipped cream dispenser and some nitrogen cartridges.

There are a few cold brew coffee makers on the market, but they’re less commonplace. One of the best ones you can find, though, is the Toddy Cold Brew System.

Stovetop Coffee Makers

Our favorite stovetop coffee maker is the simple Moka pot. This little machine uses steam pressure to pull your coffee through a filter, creating a rich espresso. You can find Moka pots from a large number of companies, including the original manufacturers, Bialetti.

Manual Espresso Makers

Manual espresso maker

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Finally, the manual espresso machine is a handheld, portable device used for making espresso anywhere, anytime. They’re great for camping, or when you’re running late for the office but desperately need a cup of brew.

To Grind or Not to Grind?

Some people will say that they cannot taste the difference between freshly ground coffee and week-old grounds. If you’ve got a sensitive palate, you’ll definitely taste the difference.

Of course, grinding your own coffee beans will add a bit of time to your morning routine. If you’ve got an extra five minutes each day to really do a thorough job of grinding, then do it. Coffee snobs the world over recommend it.

Finding the Best Coffee

After you’ve decided whether or not you’re going to grind your own beans, or go with pre-ground coffee, you’ll be able to start figuring out the right coffee choice for you.

If you’re feeling really wealthy, you could always buy some Kopi Luwak coffee or Black Ivory coffee. Of course, both of these will run you about $50 a cup, and were processed through the unconventional means of either the Civet tree cat or elephant excreting them.

For most of us, something more like a great bean from Ethiopia, Guatemala, or Colombia will do. Some of the top rated affordable coffee beans include:

  • Dark Roast Aribica Coffee from Koffee Kult
  • Ethiopian Sidamo Guji from Fresh Roasted Coffee
  • Organic Ethiopian from Equal Exchange
  • Ethiopia Yirge Cheffe from Brooklyn Roasting Company
  • Hunapu Single Origin Espresso from Verve Coffee

Final DIY Coffee Making Thoughts

So, finally, if you’ve decided you’re going to make your own morning pot of Java, remember that the right coffee pot, the right coffee beans, the right coffee grinder, and the most natural sweeteners and milks you can buy will do the trick. Coffee has a lot of health benefits, so do yourself a favor, and make it right.


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