When it comes to video game systems, every gamer has a personal preference. It’s a preference that is totally subjective, and probably anchored in nostalgia, and fond childhood memories.

Qualitative data, like cold, hard, sales figures are an obvious way to get an objective perspective on any given console’s impact. You could probably site the number of PlayStation console sales to illustrate its superiority, but what about something less tangible?

It could be nostalgia talking, yes. It could be all those sleepovers that you spent playing Mario Party on your friend’s video game console until your palms actually bled. It could be the memory of the first time you defeated rainbow road. It could be the countless nights you stayed up trying to remember all the Ocarina melodies.

Three Reasons the Nintendo 64 is the Best Gaming System Ever

For you, devoted fan, there are probably a hundred reasons why the Nintendo 64 is the greatest video game console ever made, but here are the top four.

1. It Had the Coolest Games Ever

Sure, games today have snazzier, more realistic graphics. They have layers upon layers of depth and mystery. They’re immersive, interactive, and they offer a complete gaming experience. New video games, and new consoles, can make a game become reality, but they can’t come close to the simple thrill of the N64’s games.

The Ledgend of Zelda

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You can probably remember the joy of walking through video game stores to rent, or buy games for your N64. The list of available games reads like classic literature. Golden Eye, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Cart, and Donkey Kong 64. Each game was complex, interesting, and fun to play.

The Legend of Zelda is widely recognized as one of the greatest video games of all time, if not the greatest. It took the storytelling capacity of video games, and multiplied it by a thousand. Like many of the classic games, you could get lost in multiple worlds playing it. Time ceased to exist.

2. You Could Play it with Friends

A big part of what made the games so fun was that they were designed to be played with friends. In fact, if you were lucky enough to scrape together four controllers, you could actually play games with a total of four people. Four people playing one video game!

At the time that was crazy. It helped to make video games a shared experience, and not just something you did sitting in the basement by yourself.

Nintendo seemed to have a real understanding of just how important the multiplayer capabilities were in their video game console because even some of their single-player games had multiplayer elements. Donkey Kong 64, for example, had a battle feature that allowed you, and your friends, to roam around jungle caves and hurl pineapples, and bananas at one another. Ahh, memories.

3. It Had the Weirdest and Coolest Controller

For the true Nintendo 64 admirer, the controller is an odd point of pride. It is after all, an odd controller, but it’s your odd controller, right? It’s the system’s quirk that makes it somehow more enduring.

It was also legitimately revolutionary. It was developed because different games required different functions. The controller allowed you to hold it multiple ways, depending on what game you were playing, and what functions you needed.

The distinct “M” shape baffled many users when it first came out, but the unique shape is actually what made it function so well. The idea that you could use a controller multiple ways for various games helped to change the way manufactures looked at controllers.

The Nintendo 64 controller also had some pretty sweet accessories, and it was available in lots of stylish colors. The rumble pack, and the additional memory card helped to improve your gaming experience, and make the virtual world even more accessible.

N64 game controller

Image via Lukie Games

4. It Still Works

The final reason that the N64 is such a superior gaming system is that it has been able to endure for so long after its debut. People still use their old consoles, just like you probably still use yours. You use it because the games are awesome, and because of the nostalgia, but you also still use it because you can.

That clunky little machine with its chubby game cartridges still works. It hardly ever crashes or stalls, and if it does, you know the surefire way to fix it. You just pop the game cartridge out, blow a little air on it, and you’re back in business. You don’t have to worry about scratched disks, or losing small parts.

A Trip Down Nintendo Memory Lane

It’s easy to see why the Nintendo 64 has such a devoted following. It’s easy to see why its legend has endured, and why people continue to seek it out. You’re probably thinking about the countless Saturday afternoons that you spent playing Mario Cart racing against your own ghost to try to beat your time. Some things just can’t be beat.


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