For a long time you stuck to your instincts about books. You were raised reading paperbacks, and you saw no reason that your children shouldn’t enjoy exactly the same. You’ve been anti-ereader for a while, but a new page is about to turn.

That’s because your little ones are starting to show an interest in reading by themselves. The picture books are all but put away, and it’s time to change the reading experience. Those once scary, digital e-readers, are starting to look practical for a lot of reasons. You need the best ereader out there.

Five Reasons Kobo Ereaders Can Foster Great Reading Habits

An ereader’s biggest asset is its ability to actually get your kids to read more, and to foster a lifelong relationship with the written word. From that angle, e-readers are pretty appealing, but you still have to choose the right one. Here are five ways that a Kobo Ereader is the best reader to foster the interests of your budding readers.

1. These Ereaders Are Just for Reading

You may not be able to keep your kids glued to paperbacks, but you still want them to have an immersive experience when reading. A Kobo Ereader makes that possible. Unlike a tablet or Ipad, there are no other distractions. Your kids won’t waste time playing games, or surfing the net.

kobo ereader is just for reading

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That’s because they can’t. All the varieties of the Kobo e-reader are just for reading. You can rest assured that when your kids have their e-readers around, they are only spending their time reading, or searching for things to read.

2. They Are Small and Portable

The Kobo Aura Two has a six-inch touchscreen, so it isn’t much larger than a normal paperback book. It’s perfect for little hands, and your kids won’t feel overwhelmed by its size. It fits easily in a bag or backpack, and they can take it with them wherever you go.

Imagine all the kids sitting quietly in the back of the car as you do your daily errands. Imagine them wrapped up in a story on the long drive to grandma’s house. Imagine no screaming, no bickering, and no bartering. Can an e-reader really make that much of a difference in your lives? A Kobo can.

3. These Ereaders Are Available Waterproof

The Kobo Aura One is one hundred percent waterproof. Let that sink in for a moment. Not only will you not have to worry about spilled milk, but you also won’t have to worry about any liquid of any kind. Your little ones can take it to the pool in the summertime, and you don’t have to cringe when they hop out of the water, and immediately dive in your bag for the e-reader.

You can probably recall the countless gadgets, and electronics that have been ruined by water. In fact, you’ve probably waterlogged a cellphone or two yourself, so you know how important it is to be waterproof.

Your kids can learn some responsibility taking care of an electronic, but you won’t have to pay a high price if they make a mistake. And if you’re still having trouble making the jump from print to digital, consider what happened to the last book that your kids got wet.

4. They Are Easy to Read in Any Light

Limiting your kids screen time to protect their eyes, and minds, is a worthwhile endeavor. You know that being bombarded by blue light from computer, and cellphone screens, is not great for you, or your kids.

Kobo’s comfort light pro system reduces exposure to blue light, and it adjusts the screen as the natural light shifts from day to night. Because of this, your kids can read in any type of light. They can read outside in the bright sun. They can read before bed without the distraction of a lamp, or overhead light. They can escape into the words, and world of their favorite book, with nothing to hold them back.

5. They Connect Your Kids to Millions of Books

kobo provides millions of books

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You want your kids to know that their world is limitless. Technology, like the Kobo e-reader, can help to reinforce this feeling. They’ll have access to the Kobo e-bookstore through the built-in Wi-Fi, and they can download new books easily. You’ll spend less than you would on traditional paperbacks, and they can feed their reading habit.

You can even help your kids partner with the local library through the Kobo OverDrive program. All it takes is a library card, and your kids can access thousands of books for free.

Take the Ereader Leap with a Kobo

An ereader like those manufactured by Kobo can help expand the horizons of your budding readers. They’ll have a compact, and portable electronic that can give them access to a library of books in a package that’s not much bigger than a single book. They’ll learn to love reading, and you’ll learn to love technology a little more.

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