Summer is just a few months away and will be here before we know it. Are you ready for it?

For many, summertime means trips to the beach, fun at the park, and of course, backyard barbeques.

A barbeque is the perfect way to spend some time in the sunshine with your family and friends. Add to that some delectable summertime meals fixed on the grill and you’re in for a great day!

But in order for your meals to come out just right you need to have the right grill.

Today, we’ll show you where to get the best grills. Plus, we’ll give you some tips so you can keep your grill in good working order throughout the summer and beyond.

Where to Get the Best Grills on the Market at an Affordable Price

When you’re ready to buy a new grill, check out these three sources.

Green Mountain Grill

One of the top barbeques on the market is the Green Mountain grill. You can find these on the Green Mountain website and Amazon.

When it comes to choosing the best grill, Green Mountain has a number to choose from. If you have to feed a large crowd, you’ll want to check out the Big Pig Trailer Rig. This nearly $8000 rig is definitely not cheap. However, it’s ideal for cooking in large batches, which is why it’s popular with professional (or hard-core, weekend warrior) grillers.

If the Big Pig Trailer Rig isn’t your style or you simply don’t have the budget, try the Daniel Boone. This is a much smaller option – perfect for those backyard family barbeques.

A perk of the Green Mountain Grill is that it’s often Wi-Fi compatible. That means you can control everything from inside your home or from the other side of the yard. Well, everything except rotating the food and eating it, of course.

Home Depot Grills

The great thing about Home Depot Grills is that you get such a wide selection. Home Depot offers propane, natural gas, charcoal, wood pellet, and charcoal/gas combo grills.

These grills tend to be more affordable, too. Prices start at around $150.

In addition to the affordability, Home Depot offers some other options, like smokers, an outdoor pizza oven, and outdoor kitchen accessories.

Walmart Grills

If affordability is your main priority, you need to check out the Walmart grills. Gas barbeques start at under $100, as do charcoal options.

Just because they’re cheaper doesn’t mean you can’t find good quality or a great selection. Walmart has multiple styles, sizes, and brands to choose from.

How to Care for Your Grill So That It Will Last Longer

Good grills will last for a number of years. You may have to replace a part here and there over time. For the most part, though, you should expect your grill to last a while.

If you’ve had bad experiences in the past, there could be a couple of reasons for this. First, the barbeque you bought was especially cheap. Cheaper parts break down faster, which means you need to replace them at a faster rate – if the appliance lasts that long.

cleaning your grill so it lasts longer

Image via The Wire Cutter

Another reason for needing to replace your barbeque more often is maintenance issues. You can make pretty much anything last longer with good maintenance.

What’s the trick to properly maintaining a grill?

The first step is to clean it regularly.

When you cook on your appliance, chemical reactions occur that can cause corrosion. Keep the grates clean by brushing them off after they’ve cooled. Not only will you reduce the opportunity for corrosion, your grates will look nice and shiny. And that will just make you want to cook on it all over again.

Next, make sure to protect it from the elements. Wind, rain, salt, and sun can all have adverse effects on outdoor appliances. They cause rust and the overall breakdown of certain components. The best thing you can do is get a good-quality cover. Once your appliance has cooled, apply the cover – each and every time. This will protect it from sun and wind for the most part.

A cover might not be adequate when it comes to protecting your barbeque from the rain. If at all possible, move your barbeque indoors, like into the garage. If this isn’t possible, try to find some additional coverage – an overhang or awning, for example.

A Grill Is Essential for Backyard, Summertime Fun – Choose the Right One!

It wouldn’t really seem like summer without some backyard barbeque. What is your specialty? Is it ribs, steak, kabobs, or hamburgers? Whatever your favorite dish is, there’s one thing every grill master knows. You need a quality barbeque to make your dishes come out perfectly.

Don’t simply make your purchasing decision based on price. Do your research. Find out from friends, family, and online reviews which products have the best features for the most affordable price.

Do this and you’ll end up with a grill that performs well all summer long – and for years to come.

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