Receiving gifts is tons of fun… So why not gift yourself on the regular?

That’s basically why subscription boxes are so awesome. Each month, you get a box stuffed to the gills with fun goodies, products, and surprises, so it’s exactly like opening up a birthday gift. The only difference: It’s from you to you.

Sound good? Check out these 8 best subscription boxes and choose your newest obsession.

The 8 Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Your Money

Any of these boxes will make wonderful gifts. Or, get yourself a subscription and get excited about the mail again.

1. FabFitFun


Image via FabFitFun

FabFitFun is a subscription box full of seasonally curated products for beauty, health, and your lifestyle. Each box arrives in your mailbox at the beginning of spring, summer, fall, and winter so you can use and enjoy the contents.

Best of all, the value of the products is incredible – you get at least $200 worth of stuff for less than one-quarter of the price.

If you love trying new products and want to stay on top of trends, this box could be your ultimate subscription.

2. BarkBox


Image via Bark

For dog owners, BarkBox is a fun way to treat your pooch each month. Every box comes chock-full of treats and toys.

For example, in one box you might get a squeaky toy, a toy that will challenge your dog and help strengthen their mental skills, a pack of high-quality treats, and a chew bone.

This is a fun way to keep your dog interested in play and exercise, not to mention keep your treat supply fully stocked for Fido.

3. BirchBox


Image via BirchBox

Beauty gurus and novices alike will enjoy getting a package from BirchBox every month. Each box comes with beauty samples like makeup, hair products, nail products, skincare, and everything you’d need to pamper and beautify your life.

Beauty junkies will love the opportunity to find new favorite items and try fresh makeup looks with the samples in this box.

4. SaloonBox


Image via SaloonBox

If you love cocktails and pretending you’re a mixologist, try SaloonBox. Each month, you’ll get ingredients in exact quantities and sample bottles of liquor with recipe cards. Try a new cocktail each month, created by top mixologists, and discover your next go-to party drink and ways to shake up your entertaining skills.

5. Owl Crate


Image via Owl Crate

Bookworms, especially teens and fans of the YA genre, will love OwlCrate. Each month, you get a box with a new book release and fun goodies, stationery, and gifts themed around it, including author-curated keepsakes.

For example, in one box, you might get a newly-published hardcover YA fantasy novel, a tote bag with a bookish design, a candle with a scent inspired by the book, a set of bookmarks, and a letter from the author with a signed bookplate.

6. Dollar Shave Club

For guys or gals who want to eliminate buying razors at the store, Dollar Shave Club can help. Sign up and you’ll receive an inexpensive yet high-quality razor handle with a pack of blades. You get to choose the type and price point you get, from the cheapest (the “Humble Twin” for $3) to the most expensive (the “Executive” for $9).

Each month, you’ll get a fresh pack of razors and any extra shaving products you need (the company alerts you when your next box will ship and gives you time to add shaving cream, lotion, balm, and more).

7. Blue Apron


Image via Blue Apron

Hate grocery shopping and meal planning? Sign up for Blue Apron and let their expert chefs do the work for you.

Depending on the size of your family, you’ll receive a refrigerated box full of pre-measured ingredients and fresh produce – enough to make a few meals without any waste. You specify the frequency and size of your deliveries, and you pick from a menu of meals to make.

Everything arrives ready to be prepared and cooked. Every box comes with recipe cards that show you exactly how to make your meals. It’s a great way to try new foods, improve your cooking skills, and avoid the grocery store all at once.

8. Bookishly


Image via Bookishly

Looking for more subscription options for bookworms? Try Bookishly’s range of options.

Choose from the Tea & Vintage Book Club, the Coffee & Vintage Book Club, or the Classic of the Month Club. With the former two, you receive a surprise vintage book in the mail monthly along with bookish stationary and a sample size of freshly-ground coffee or luxury tea pyramids.

IF you join the Classic of the Month Club, you’ll receive a classic novel each month with a custom-designed dust jacket and a sample of Jenier Tea. It’s the perfect way to build your book collection, discover new reads, and find new coffees and teas to love.

Feature Image via YesInsights Blog

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