Baby swings can be a parent’s best friend. As much as you love to cuddle your child, there are times when your arms get tired or are needed for other things. Swings are a great way to console your child when they’re upset or lull them asleep with its gentle rocking motion.

Things to Look for a Baby Swing

There are many things to look for in a swing, which is different from a baby bouncer seat. A bouncer is more active while a swing is all about comfort. Protection is priority. You want to make sure there is a solid seatbelt. Next is comfort, the seat needs to be plush and cozy. Also, how easy it to clean? Babies are messy. You need a swing that has an easy cover that can slip right off and be thrown in the washer.

Then there are technological choices. How many swinging speeds do you want? Do you want to have an option to fit your baby’s mood or do you prefer less because it’s easier? How do you want it to be powered? They can either be powered by batteries or you can plug them in.

You want to think about things from your baby’s perspective. How should the swing be positioned? Should it be more on the flatter side for easy sleep, or more reclined so they can watch the world? Do you want it to have toys attached, to play songs, or have it vibrate?

Top 5 Baby Swings

1. Fisher-Price Deluxe-Along Swing & Seat $79.99

fisher-price deluxe along swing and seat

Image via Albee Baby

This adorable swing is great for the first year of your baby’s life due to its colorful design and friendly animals dangling down. It’s great for new parents because it can easily fold up and be brought anywhere. It can be used as a swing or a stationary seat. It also runs on batteries to add to its portability. It has six swing speeds with SmartSwing Technology. It also has optional vibrations for calming. It has ten songs and nature sounds. Best of all, an easy to remove soft seat that’s machine washable.

2. Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘N Swing $95.99

fisher prices sweet snugaPuppy dreams cradling swing

Image via Fisher-Price

You can’t find a more snuggly swing here, it’s even in the name. With its soft, plush pad, your child can get cozy while being swung side to side or forwards and backwards. It also has three little animals hanging over it along with a mirrored dome to play with. This swing will last until your child is able to sit up on its own. There’s two recline positions and it’s easy to change them with a press of a button. It has six swing speeds and sixteen song and nature sounds. It plugs in, which saves on batteries and has a machine washable pad that’s easy to remove.

3. Ingenuity Portable Swing Cozy Kingdom $59.39

ingeuity portable swing

Image via Camizu

This animal themed swing is all about portability. Its design is to fold quickly to make travel or storage easier. With TrueSpeed technology it keeps six consistent speeds, that can work as the baby gets older. WhisperQuiet technology keeps outside noise out as it plays six melodies. Plus, you have total control over the volume and the amount of time your baby swings with a timer and auto-shut off. It has plush fabric that can be removed easily and is machine washable. You can also remove the headrest when your child outgrows it.

4. Graco Simply Sway Baby Swing $81.43

Graco simple sway

Imaga via Carid

This swing has a lot of great features in a tiny package. You can power this swing by either plugging it in or using batteries, whatever works for you. It has six swing speeds, and fifteen songs and sounds. It also has a five-point harness to secure your child in. There are three soft toys to play with dangling above. It also has 2 different speeds of vibration to soothe your child.

5. 4moms mamaRoo Infant Seat $249.99

4moms mamaroo

Image via Dearest Lou

If you want something a little more expensive, this swing might be the one for you. This swing looks more like a work of art then a resting place for a baby. It swings up and down and side to side to mimic parents trying to soothe. You can choose from five different motions and five different speeds. You can use the built in sounds or your MP3. There are multiple positions this seat can recline to. There’s also a toy mobile with a crinkle ball, rattle, and reflective mirror.

So Many Swings to Choose From

Luckily all these baby swings are easy to find and mostly at reasonable prices. In fact, many baby swings can be found at Walmart. It can be difficult to choose the right baby swing, but ultimately it’s about what works for your baby, your home, and yourself.

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